Catalogue Tech Sheet





- Frontal access to the heat exchanger notwitstanding the reduced dimensions.
- Façade, baking and combustion chamber in 1.2 mm thick stainless steel. Standard external panels in stainless steel. 
- The innovative design of the heat exchanger has been conceived to optimize performance and efficiency. The hexagonal shape of the exchanger channels. provide a smoother airflow and have an increased surface area for greater efficiency, whilst a %24 longer fume passage that conceys the exhaust gases from the upper to the lower end of the exchanger ensures increased baking performance. 
- Burner is located at the upper end of the exchanger, whilst the hot air circulation fan is situated directly above it to ensure increased circulation.
- The wide hot air duct from the heat exchanger that passes above the baking chamber ensures a strong flow of hot air whilst minimizing heat loss.
- The powerful steam generator is positioned right under the heat exchanger. All the hot air circulating inside the oven is utilized to heat the steam generator as it crosses through it, to return to the heat exchanger. The steam generator is made of a water distribution tank placed on top of 13 stacked sections that are each lined with cast iron spheres, ensuring a prolonged and large production of steam.
- Rack rotation unit with standard manual hook. Optional: rack turnable or mechanical rack lifting is available on request. 

-Electro mechanical or digital control panel is standard. Programmable digital control panel is available on request


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