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These series have three different models:

1) With trays: It can be either with a single door or two doors
2) With racks: It can be either with a single door or two doors
3) Banco: It can be placed under working benches


-For 60x40 trays and racks

- Structure : Modular self holding panels, insulated with 60mm high density (41kg/m³) expanded polyurethan. Air convection system by means of modular, stainless steel group, easy to disassemble and clean. Internal kit with stainless steel guard guides for inserting the trolleys.
- Internal coating & External coating : Stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
- Stainless steel internal tray supports, distance between the shelves mm. 50, for pans cm. 60x40
Control Panel:
- Electronic control panel for the set-up of the programmed stop leavening
- 7 independant programs and 3 manual functions to control cold & hot cycle, baking delay
- 7 programs capable of controlling the following cycles :
* Quick freezing and stop-leavening
* Pre-leavening
* 2 steps of leavening and Baking delay
* Climatized temperature control, humidity probe control, buffer memory of the program in case of black-out


- Grid shelves
- Glass door