LF Prime


Catalogue Tech Sheet




Thanks to the even temperature produced by the steam circulation and to the large thermal mass, our annular steam tube ovens series PRIME are conspicuous for their exceptional evenness and baking quality. These performances are obtained after many years of experience and to the following constructional features:
• External Manessman tubes, resistant to high pressure have an external diameter of 35mm and 
thickness of 5,5 mm. The double cross Manessman tubes have an external diameter of 27 mm with a 
thickness of 4 mm.
• Welding on tubes are of type MIG and TIG and are made by computerized welding robot systems.
• Hot air flues are made of refractory bricks. Tubes are insulated by cement thus guaranteeing an excellent thermal inertia.
• Steam generators are positioned in the middle of the hot air conduct, thus producing a considerable
quantity of steam.
• Doors on the baking decks are of tempered glass with counterweight. The slightest touch is enough to quickly and safely open and close them.
• The following optionals are available on request: lateral furnace for solid fuel, doors opening upwards, special deck crown height and digital control panel.
• Loading and unloading of the product, can be done by using a loader and/or single manual setters.