Bread Slicers


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The MHS Premium is the new generation of compactly Circular-bread-slicers. MHS Premium defines new ways of bread slicing. The MHS Premium is the machine, which is able to cut breads with a diameter of 36 cm, not only to cut into two halfs. The unique MHS-Anti-Friction-System allows to cut everything without oiling, even very fresh bread.  Breads or fruit loafs can be cut into halves or only the half way, of course even the whole bread. The slice thickness is adjusted by a potentiometer, a foil covered keypad assures an user friendly and easy operation.

As for all MHS bread slicers the design is based on highest hygiene-standard, easiest cleaning and good accessibility.

The body of the machine is made of high grade stainless steel.

Features :


- Adjustable slice thickness via turning knob
- Keypad for easy operation
- Function to cut a half loaf and to divide into 2 halves
- Quiet operation
- Highest safety
- Oil-free operation – also of warm bread
- Best cutting quality through circular blade
- XL input of 36 cm depth
- User-friendly
- Easy to maintain due to best accessibility
- Stainless steel casing
- Anti-grab system reduces friction and grabbing when cutting