Electric Deck Ovens



Catalogue Tech Sheet



The innovative electric fixed deck oven ENERGY satisfies any requirement of the modern baker since it guarantees an even baking, very low operating costs, 

simple installation and maintenance, reliability and flexibility.  
Even baking: each baking deck can independently control floor and ceiling temperature. The particular shape of the heating elements provides a greater heating power in the area close to the door front so as to avoid heat loss.   
Low operating costs: thanks to a perfect insulation, to the special air tight baking decks and most importantly to the ECO system fitted as standard which partializes the required power according to the actual need, in continuous baking mode, the oven uses only 2 kW/m² (steam generators excluded). The system management continuously dialogues with the ECO cards installed in each deck. The normal baking effect caused "falling temperature", typical after continuous baking, is totally avoided. The setting of this ECO optimisation device is simple and adjustable every time it is necessary in the bakery.  
Simple installation and maintenance: no need of an expensive exhaust piping system or fuel supply tubes as it uses clean energy. The oven can even be installed between two walls as any maintenance is executed from the front.  
Reliability: it is guaranteed by the armoured heating elements in steel AISI 309, diameter 8,5 mm and by the ceramic insulators which give a high and long life quality standard.    
Flexibility: the digital panel with the energy optimization device ECO is standard. Controls up to 99 baking programs with the possibility of setting 3 different baking and steaming phases in each program are available on request.