As Mak Metal and Fullmak, besides our main activities of sales and post-sales services,we provide different kinds of services in order to meet all sectoral needs of our business partners with whom we always aim at keeping permanent bonds, to serve as a guide for all their business demands and to contribute to the development of food production industry.


We give consultancy services of equipment, design, structuring and production for companies which needs innovation and for those who would like to start from scratch. In order to provide our business partners with the most effective results, we make feasibility and cost calculations and direct them about how to set up or innovate their business.

Technical Services of Maintenance and Repair

Fullmak provides technical maintenance and repair services for our whole range of products under guaranty. For instance: Periodical maintenance of ovens, mixers and dough processing units, fixing electrical problems, making necessary modifications on machinery, calibrations for our whole range etc.


We organize special workshops and trainings with world champion German, Italian and Dutch bakery-pastry masters to promote special kinds of European bread, sour dough and all types of flour based products thay you may think of.