Bread Slicers


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IDEAL bread slicer has been designed to give you the highest bread slicing performance in confined spaces. It can be either used on the table or its special stand. 

IDEAL performs perfectly without oil even when slicing warm bread. Thanks to its oil-free operation, cleaning and maintenance operations are very easy and fast. IDEAL can be used without problems for years due to its special system which prevents dust from reaching the drive area.

Another prominent feature of  IDEAL is safety: The operation is not possible when the cover is open and the machine stops automatically when there is a risk of human intervention. 


- Table-top model with circular blade
- Adjustable slice thickness via display
- 3 storable thicknesses selectable
- Keypad for easy operation
- Function to divide into 2 halves
- Outsorced drive system prevents dust from entering into the drive area
- Quiet operation
- Highest safety
- Best cutting quality through circular blade
- Oil-free operation – also of warm bread
- User friendly
- Easy to maintain
- XL version for longer kinds of bread