Master Mix AR


Catalogue Tech Sheet




A series of spiral mixers with very robust construction and high performances levels, incorporated in a hydraulic lifting system. These very versatile machines can solve automation problems in very small or medium scale bakeries. The characteristic of the dough-mixing process, also in the case of small quantities, do not differ from those
specified for the other machines of the same range. On request, the machine can be supplied with certain modifications which allow for use with though dough types.
- Two mixing speeds regulated with separated timers and automatic switch-over from one to the other.
- Bowl motor with two speeds.
- Timer automatically disabled when the operator interrupts a work cycle with (but with no change to preset times).
- Direction of bowl rotation can be inverted when operating in the first speed.
- Separate pushbutton for bowl rotation, in both directions, during the off-loading phase.
- Raising and lowering with an extremely reliable, hydraulic system, offering high load capacity and conformity with safety CE and other countries regulations.
The series have below models:
AR 1: Unloading from one side only
ARD 1: A rainforced version of AR 1 with more powerful engine and components
AR 2: Unloading from both sides with independent heights
ARD 2: A reinforced version of AR 2 with more powerful engine and components
ARB: A model with unloading onto a table only and with smaller capacity